What digitalization makes possible is just mind blowing: far more for far less, more here. It changes what already is … to something else. Disruptive Education.

We seldom think of it but it’s among the biggest industries existing, still growing. So, why not care, at a moment in time when it is changing?

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It’s actually a book and a course, developed in pieces.
A reason good as any to visit my hometown?

This is in the binocular sight here:

  • How to win on the market? New, better, solutions will continue to evolve in same speed as the digital development, Moore´s law for lunch. This industry change shape. How to prepare?
  • How to create great E-learning? It’s not “digitalized education”, it is something else. We easily find lot of advises on the web, but what are the best advises?
  • King Kongs? Traffic is King but content is King Kong. Good content-providers, “teachers”, will gain position, become rock-stars. How to become one?
  • What is happening in the head of the customer/student? How do they redefine their perception of quality? What makes them do it? How will they learn in the future?
  • How will this business landscape finally look like? How does established actors, like universities, business schools and corporate training centers respond?
  • What about traffic generators and digital platforms? MOOC’s, YouTube, Siri, Google Ads, TripAdvisor-for-education etc. What are they able to achieve today, and tomorrow? How to use them?
  • Prime Movers then? New actors, like digital crediting-centers, last mile-players, curators, trackers, play-list-developers, gamificators, LMS-actors, Plug-ins and AI-tools will evolve even more than already. In what way should we care?

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