It is the development of the digitally disrupted business landscape for education, with a focus on higher ed in specific, that is of concern here.

  • How to become successful on the market? New, and better, actors and solutions will continue to evolve in same speed as Moore’s Law. Finally, the Ed-industry will be unbundled and reshaped. What cases can we learn from already today?
  • How to create great E-learning? E-learning is not “digitalized education”, it is something else. But what is it? You easily find lot of advises on the web, but what are the best advises to listen to?
  • How will this digital, and global, business landscape for education finally look? How to understand the new players, and who are they? How does established actors, like universities, business schools and corporate universities respond?
  • In what way are traffic generators and digital platforms of importance? MOOC’s, YouTube, Siri, will become even more game changing actors than they already are. What are they able to achieve today? What will they achieve for tomorrow?
  • Prime Movers then? New roles and actors, like digital crediting, exam-centers, influencers, feedbackloop-trackers, gamification-tools, LMS-actors, playlists and TripAdvisor-for-education will evolve even more than it already has. What are their strategies?
  • What is happening in the head of the customer/student? Quality is in the eyes of the beholder, not defined by the supplier. How do they redefine their perception of what quality is? What makes them redefine their perception?
  • How about the King Kong´s? Traffic is King but content is King Kong, and content-providers, historically called “teachers”, will gain position, even become rock-stars. What to learn from the ones that are already on their way to become?

It´s simply put; about a world of Disruptive Education.

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