A simple question started this site once: what will disruption of education lead to?

Well; digitalization did not enter education yesterday, but now it´s on overdrive. And there are far too many misunderstandings about what is ongoing out there.

Today; this site has become something more, like…Listen: Signals of change – Digital & Disruption + Education & MOOCs. About how the growing global business landscape for education is changing – how often do we even think about education in that way? More is on the way.

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Some other useful footprints…

Stop! Nobody Move – Transformation beyond digital. About how to think, and act, when industries in general, or education in particular, is changing due to disruption.

Play it, well: Strategies for digitally disruptive times. About the music industry, but only as a case. The point is: that industry has already disrupted – education has not…yet? But what happened; still, often misunderstood. Really useful benchmark for Disruptive Education.

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The thing is…there are patterns in a disruptive process. When we know them, we can use them.

I run a course at Coursera about all this. Try it, maybe in parallel to reading my books.

This YouTube clip: Understanding computer power, by eating it…

My YouTube-channel, Henrik Blomgren Intentional. Short clips. Stories and metaphors, so we can touch and feel it.

On digitalization and disruption in general: My blog Stop Nobody Move!

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