The backbone…

I wrote “Stop! Nobody Move – Transformation beyond digital” in order to help out on how to “think” and “act” when you find yourself in a situation where an industry, like education, is changing due to digital powers. It starts off with Columbus, 1492. And Miras smartphone, the one that saved her and my daughter when the attack happened in Stockholm, Sweden, year 2017.

In “Play it, well: Strategies for digitally disruptive times” the music industry is used as a guinea pig. The point is: that industry has already disrupted, but what happened, why and how? What did not happen, and why? I use it to help us explore what is happening to other industries, like education.

I keep my books updated here.

I run a course at Coursera about all this. You will for instance discover how to use “the rabbit that ones changed Australia” in order to understand what is happening to education: click here to enroll.

Subscribe on my YouTube-channel “Henrik Blomgren Intentional“. I make short clips on this topic from time to time, for instance this one about how to really understand computer power.

When the content on this site is good/extensive enough, I will publish a new book, likely also a digital course, called “Disruptive Education – how to become successful on the new business landscape for education“. Subscribe here and I let you know when.

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