In many ways, what you can find on this site is based on ideas I previously already have developed in the two books you find below. I humbly suggest them for reading.

The first book, to the left, is about how to “think” and “act” when you find yourself in a situation where an industry, like for instance education, seem to be changing radically due to digital powers arriving into it.

This book can be used in order to analyze what is already happening to Education, and what will happen later on. It also give you a picture on what I base my way of reasoning concerning corporate, and industry development, as such upon. What should we really mean by disruption? What should we mean when we say Digital Transformation? What theories is it worth getting influenced by? What other kind of industrial development situations can we learn from?

Stop! Nobody Move – Transformation beyond digital

The second book, to the right, is using the music industry as a case in order to describe what actually happened when that industry disrupted. The thing is; disruption is easily misunderstood. What actually already has happened in this particular industry also easily become misunderstood – even though it probably is the best case, so far, about how a whole disrupted process plays out. It is also a book using other industries, like for instance education, in order to deepen the understanding of disruption and how to cope with it.

This book can also be used in order to understand “how” to play during times of disruption, either if you want to defend your organization from threats, or just make disruption happen yourself. Knowing how to maneuver during times of disruption is useful knowledge to possess nowadays, no matter what industry you are involved in.

“Play it, well: Strategies for digitally disruptive times”

I keep these books updated on this site: StopNobodyMove.com

Over the years I have done, still do, a decent amount of research in the field of “disruption” and I continue to write books. At this moment I am working on one book about the competence shift disruption will lead to on personal level (called “Control, shift: we all are our own worst enemies when digital disruption comes along”), and another book about acting as a “disruptor” in an industry (called “Aim first, shoot second: in that order”). Sooner or later also this site will lead to a book, very likely called something like “Disruptive Education: A handbook on how to become successful on the new disrupted business landscape for education”.

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