Your next course will be a playlist that will make Apple Music envy

There is a reason why playlists have become important in the world of music. Streaming platforms already have huge libraries. But how could I know which are the best songs to listen to? This fact can be used in order to create great e-learning, but with limited resources available. Here is what you can do.

The basic reason why Google even exist, is that they help us to sort out in the digital heystack. Without them, and other possible search-enginees you might use; how would we know where to go? Adding to that; does anyone of us seriously expect this digital heystack, all possible sites out there that we could visit, to be smaller in the future? No, it is extremely likely to be the other way around.

The bigger the heystack, the bigger the need to get help to sort things out.

Why should we actually do our own material, like for instance videos, in a possible e-learning-course, if there is already great videos, and other digital resources, out there that we can use?

So, why not instead base a new e-learning-course on all the great videos that is already out there? Then maybe instead add your own comments to them. It could be about why I should watch these particular videos that you suggest to me to watch. It could also be about you helping me to find out what could be wrong with them. Who does not love to find mistakes made by other people? is it not actually a great way to learn?

If you already know the content for your course, but I might not, then there from my point of view could give me great value if you just helped me to find the best videos already out there concerning the topic I´m interested in.

It is actually not that different from how we use existing books in the world of education. If someone else already have written a great book that we can use for our own purpose, why write the same book ones again?

Never underestimate the value that might lie in the fact of you having spent far more time on the internet on this issue, than I might have. Finding a great video not only takes time, you actually also need competence in order to evaluate it.

Could there be a reason for you beeing the “teacher/learner” and them being the student?


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