Why the slowest, and longest, E-learning-course in history will make it

Reading, writing, listening takes time. Thinking, reflecting, discussing takes time. Learning things do take time. How else for instance become a great chess-player? So why this obsession with digital education having to be fast, and short? Here is a useful influence, if you go for slow, and long, E-learning. It obviously has a big market.

We easily forget, but at the same time as things become digital, and the common opinion become that our mental time-span for attention is going down, also really slow things have an interesting development.

Medium is a media-site where authors are asked to write long, sometimes really long, articles. They seem to do well. Same for a lot of pods, like for instance The Making Sense-Podcast with Sam Harris. Huge audience, even though the programs often are far more than one hour long. Maybe these examples do well, just because they are long.

Already 2009 the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation started to make what today is called “Slow TV”. They did a 7-hour (!) long train-journey. Then they did a boat-trip, Hurtigrutten, 134 hours (!) long, live. It was loved, heavily. Here is the story behind this phenomenon. Well worth the few minutes of your time that it takes you to watch it.

Gradually this phenomenon then spread to other countries, so it is absolutely nothing unique for Norwegians, if that is what you where thinking. In for instance my own country, Sweden, “The Great Moose Migration”, ran, live, between April 15 and May 5, 2019. I saw parts of it myself. Nice, slow, TV, live.

So, who said that online-learning have to be based on the idea of us all having a short attention-span?

Does not it all just boil down to do things that actually are good, and loved by, and useful for, the ones that are participating?

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