Look out for the ”anchoring effect” of E-learning

2300 % growth per year, meant something. It is the statistical number that Jeff Bezos ones came a cross. Was the growth of the internet. It made him start Amazon. Then how about the fresh number 644? It´s the April 2020 growth number for Coursera. Might also mean something. What will then your actions be?

Daniel Kahneman used the term the ”anchoring effect”in his book ”Thinking, Fast and Slow” for our tendency of being influenced by irrelevant numbers.

If I for instance ask you if Gandhi was more than 114 years old when he died, you will provide a much larger estimate of his age at death, compared to if I ask if he was more or less than 35 years old.

Most of us have brains that like to play small tricks like that with us from time to time.

So, what shall we actually do with this number 644?

Well, here is an article where some rather successful E-learning-actors give us suggesting on what to do. It just came out of the printing press of Harvard Business Review. Doesn’t the article actually suggest us, not only to Think, fast and slow, but also to Act, fast and slow?

And at this moment; there seem to be fairly good reason for acting fast in the E-learning-space.

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