the most read posts so far. Issues we really care about? Disruptive Education; Far better, and far more, for far less as well as Listen: Signals of change, clear mistakes you’ve already made. Thanks for messing around. Please more.

For individuals in this industry – On single educators level:

How to make online-education gazillion times more social, interactive and live than off-line-education ever can be

Typewriters understood digital education long before us

7 Secrets: How to skyrocket an online course

Curating will soon be more fun than lecturing

Congratulations; you are just about to outperform Neil Armstrong

Pez, the candy, is the mother of all great E-learning

The overall picture – happening on the industry-level:

Why quality in the e-learning-space will go up tremendously the upcoming years

Digital students and customers are not the same as IRL

Why Moore’s Law is far more important than all single E-learning-tools

Put your eyeballs at the bundling logic

Why people prefer bad online education

Education changes in waves, not as a straight line

What ed-actors are, or could be, up to – the organizational level:

The future university campus: Disneyland, Woodstock, Soccer, or closed?

Try a different structure instead

Agency’s: becoming one, not only to use them

How, not if, prices will permanently fall – individuals and tech industry on the run

Please: skip the depression-phase – a third attempt post-COVID

The real reason to care about big Edtech stepping into the stock market

Todays MOOC-platforms is not the final structure

There is room for more than one “Trip-advisor for education”

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