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I actually don´t know why the posts below are the ones that have been read the most so far. But perhaps they tell something about what issues we all really care about. Anyhow; thanks for reading and feedback.

On individual educator- and learner-level:

How to make online-education gazillion times more social, interactive and live than off-line-education ever can be

Curating will soon be more fun than lecturing

Congratulations; you are just about to outperform Neil Armstrong

Digital students and customers are not the same as IRL

Pez, the candy, is the mother of all great E-learning

Why people prefer bad online education

Go high five, go low beyond, avoid the middle

What actually happens on Zoom, Teams and Meet – connecting, in a deeper sense

On actor-level:

The future campus: Disneyland, Woodstock, Soccer, or closed?

Agency’s: becoming one, not to use them

The real reason to care about big Edtech stepping into the stock market

Todays MOOC-platforms is not the final structure

There is room for more than one “Trip-advisor for education”

How Wannabes can outperform the existing platforms

The best courses are now on AirBnB

Here is how to find the next, digital, Harvard Business School

On industry-level:

Education changes in waves, not as a straight line

Put your eyeballs at the bundling logic

Why quality in the e-learning-space will go up tremendously the upcoming years

How, not if, prices will permanently fall

Fight, flight, freeze: How to handle Corona-times of E-learning

Typewriters understood digital education long before us

Why Moore’s Law is far more important than all single E-learning-tools

Please: let´s skip the depression-phase – a third attempt post-COVID

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