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I actually don´t know why the posts below are the ones that have been read the most so far. But perhaps they tell something about what isssues that really are cooking out there. Anyhow; really thanks for reading and feedbacking.

On individual educator- and learner-level:

How to make online-education gazillion times more social, interactive and live than off-line-education ever can be

Curating will soon be more fun than lecturing

Congratulations; you are just about to outperform Neil Armstrong

Digital students and customers are not the same as IRL

Pez, the candy, is the mother of all great E-learning

Why people prefer bad online education

Go high five, go low beyond, avoid the middle

What actually happens on Zoom, Teams and Meet – connecting, in a deeper sense

On actor-level:

The future campus: Disneyland, Woodstock, Soccer, or closed?

Agency’s: becoming one, not to use them

The real reason to care about big Edtech stepping into the stock market

Todays MOOC-platforms is not the final structure

There is room for more than one “Trip-advisor for education”

How Wannabes can outperform the existing platforms

The best courses are now on AirBnB

Here is how to find the next, digital, Harvard Business School

On industry-level:

Education changes in waves, not as a straight line

Put your eyeballs at the bundling logic

Why quality in the e-learning-space will go up tremendously the upcoming years

How, not if, prices will permanently fall

Fight, flight, freeze: How to handle Corona-times of E-learning

Typewriters understood digital education long before us

Why Moore’s Law is far more important than all single E-learning-tools

Please: let´s skip the depression-phase – a third attempt post-COVID

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