The first step to post Covid: offices, classrooms, Twitter

What about life after Covid? The discussion has begun. How do companies think? Educational actors? Students? Teacher? Plans are needed for the autumn. The future of the education world is at stake. Imagine no-one will go back to the offices and classrooms. So how will it be? Here is the answer. It lands on Twitter.

If you want knowledgeable employees, you sometimes have to accept their expectations.

Here is a recent survey. University students say: “it’s ok as it is now, digital … feel free to continue like this.” Here, another, roughly the same answer. And university employees, teachers? Similar result, here.

Global knowledge companies that set the agenda for others have already had their say concerning post Covid. Twitter, Spotify, TCS: continue remote if you like.

Are professional educators different from business people? Are young people?

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A year with the Covid has passed. Something has happened. Surprise: digital education works. To now be an opponent of E-learning, not as easy as before. Embrace it.

Previously, it was necessary to prove why digital education can be good.

Is it the opposite now?

I’m putting my money on this: Changes are permanent. Not everyone has just seen it, yet. Not everyone has yet really understood what that means.

Being good at playing chess, when it’s another game that applies instead, is not enough. It is better then to learn the rules of the new game instead.

Well, of course there are arguments for the old classroom. And we will continue to see a lot of classroom teaching in the future. Thereto; always take surveys with a pinch of salt – there are surveys claiming the opposite (which ones should you trust?). And it´s probably no good, global, comprehensive, analysis available right now.


Although no more than perhaps 25% of all concerned will continue online once Covid is over, it is fair to say: the world of education has now permanently changed.

Big enough.

If then the offices, or the classrooms, are left, or not, when we return, when, or if, we return: is that really the most important question to answer right now?

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When a new world is created, it is more important to understand the rules of the new world, than to refine a strategy built within the rules of the old world.

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