Zoom fatigue does not exist

Stumbled upon a scientist that as a cure for Zoom-fatigue suggested muting your face. The idea was: it’s exhausting to have to see yourself all the time. And yes, that’s easy to agree with. I, too, am not particularly amused to see myself in the mirror all the time. But here’s a far better suggestion.

Ever since Zoom has become a common working tool for meetings, research has been interested in what happens to us. For good reason, our digital working conditions have been researched.

If you ever had a whole working day packed with physical meetings without getting tired afterwards, I put my head on the fact that it was meetings that were so good that they actually gave you energy – did not drain you. Or; that the meetings were so bad that you instead sat and dreamed away – I don’t think we get particularly tired of dreaming away.

However, if you have ever had a full working day of poorly conducted meetings, where you were simultaneously expected to pretend to be engaged, I would be extremely surprised if you did not classify that working day as tiring, no matter what technology you used for the meetings.

But at the same time, it is absolutely fascinating to see that one of the most common conclusions that has come from that research is the concept of Zoom fatigue – a concept that aims to capture the phenomenon that seems to occur sometimes when we have Zoom meetings for a whole day. We’re just getting tired. Sometimes even exhausted. That’s what Zoom fatigue means.

There is no reason whatsoever to be surprised that we can get tired of having meetings for a whole day – regardless of whether the meetings are conducted digitally or not.

And who thinks that the person holding a digital meeting manages to make it better if all the other participants are there just as a picture?

The concept of Zoom fatigue and its remedy; is only something one can come up with if one seriously believes that technology as such is to be blamed for the fact that there are to many, and bad, meetings in the world.

Or; think it’s pointful to study the effects of a new technology completely isolated from its context and its history.

If Zoom fatigue was really the problem: Why not try the old technology “phone calling” instead? It´s a well proven technology. But if you do: beware so you do not get tired. Research doesn´t seem to have come up with the term “phone fatigue”, yet. And never try muting your voice during a phone call, as long as research have not concluded that it actually works.

And definitely…never use Zoom for pure phone calling. It would totally mess upp all research that has been done on it.

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