Who happened?

Sad; he passed away not so long ago. Who to ask? I don’t really know; why didn’t Christensen himself register this url?

Clayton Christensen
Awarded the number 1 management thinker in the world.

Professor/Educator, Harvard Business School.

Christensen thought we needed preparing. The ones that first coined ’Disruptive Education’. Wrote Disrupting Class. More. He was convinced; higher education would soon disrupt, fundamentally change.

My take Disruptive Education: Far better, and far more, for far less and Listen: Signals of change.

Christensen was right; disruption is a concept still often misunderstood.

Why these particular books?

Disruptive Innovation. I started piggybacking, seriously caring I meant, already during the 1990s. Heavily useful. It was right to put him at the top of that list.

This notebook is applying this mindset to the world of education. What else is there to be more serious about?

Shared ideas about a future disrupted business landscape for education becomes better.

Just not in exactly the same way, neither as fast, as Christensen thought.

Try backwards. Use footsteps you find. Utterback, Rogers, Schumpeter, more. Like all smart thinkers; Christensen was standing on the shoulders of others. Like all decent people; he honored it too.

Shouldn’t we do the same?

Standing on the shoulders of others; it will help us move with the cheese.

We can benefit, why not?

Use, share. This site is as much as you like. Perhaps even hit hard with a cricket bat. Tim Minchin; a wonderfull clip. But could it be nice to refer to it?

Applying the Fair use doctrine is also me.

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