Look out for Homeschooling 3.0

Once upon a time: only for kings and queens and their children. Then came digitalization. And ordinary parents could then also afford it. And then Covid. Gosh what it boomed. Hundreds of thousands of “teachers” found an extra job, or even a full-time job. Sit in Sweden, work in USA…or whatever, wherever, whenever. But now?

You, and your teacher, sitting back home. Parents can afford it.

Digital homeschooling for younger children have grown heavily during the last years. Not the least during Covid. Not the least in China. US-companies like VipKids and GogoKid did really gain position.

But not that long ago the Chinese government decided on new regulations, not making it possible for non-Chinese teachers to continue. Hundreds of thousands of teachers, only in USA, then lost good income.

What will then happen now?

People in need of an income have a tendency of finding an income. if not changing to another occupation, of course.

What´s next?

Should we really expect all these teachers to stop working?

In many countries around the globe, universities have so called exam-week. That week is most often a class-free week. It´s also a period when lot of students study really hard.

At that week; their teacher is seldom involved.

Due to the way education and exam is bundled at this moment…

Wouldn´t it be like cheating if a university-teacher, during exam-week, sent an SMS to the students suggesting ‘extra-Zoom-lessons, the day before exam’? 

But somebody else could…

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