What to do when an Online activity fails

A breakup or a liquidation? It depends on how you see it. Or, why not even see it as a funeral instead? Closing down is not difficult. But the big trick is to close things the right way. Here are two alternatives of what you can do when this happen, because it will. Be sure.

The raw pain and the stakes involved makes you feel…what?

Your online-course, or your digital conference, just failed. A total disaster.

The few customers that have enrolled might be upset. You might also be out of money. And very likely also, at least some, colleagues will smile at you (not with you).

I said it already from the beginning. You should never have done it. And definitely not in that way. It was doomed to fail.

If you recognize all this, I suggest you read this article. It is about when Newbury College, a small, school in Massachusetts, USA, closed last year. It´s painful to read. That´s why you should read it.


Did you pay attention to how the last students, and the last faculty-members, felt? It was a grieving-process. Did you also observe that one of the reasons why they closed down was…drumroll…E-learning?

That is one way to see an online-activitiy that never really made it. Just sad.

Another way is to see it in this way. Bury it…but not in the normal way.

Which of these two methods do you think is the best one in order to help you make your next online activity a bit better than the one that just failed?

A seriously good thing about new technology is that it gives room for entrepreneurship and experimentation. Who said everything should become perfect the first time we do something during such kind of circumstances?

Just give it another shot.

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