1000 pictures, million words

Gary Larson have always been good at boiling down thousands words into one single picture. It’s an art in itself. His core competence. And this time I wonder, if this is not a picture we all can agree to smile at…perhaps describing the digital ongoing development of education vs how we did it before digitalisation.

But the basic Idea of using pictures as such in order to capture something important, isn’t that something that can be used every time when we do a presentation online?

Perhaps also share this post with others that at this moment are in the mood of debating if there, really, is any point with E-learning, or not.

If you happen to be interested in digital education, you got to cope with others that might not have got the point with it, at least not yet.

In the history of new technology you always find resistance.

And changing the very basic way on how we do things have never ever, ever, been a walk in the park.

But it does not change the fact that it sometimes is worth doing.

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