The forgotten big point by being the early one into E-learning

How was Spotify, Netflix and Facebook in the beginning? Not good. Spotify did not even have an app when they launched. But, these services were good enough, at that point in time, and that was; good enough. Here is a 74 year old learning point based on that fact. Just take it. Then use it.

It is obvious that a huge amount of education is becoming digitalized at this moment in time. Corona is even forcing the ones that previously was heavily against E-learning to do it.

One could claim that at this moment in time there is no room for a big discussion about E-learning as such. We all have to do E-learning, if we want to keep students that is. So, the big debate we all had about E-learning before Corona, if it is good or bad, and if so in what sense, is now put on hold.

Have a look at this post taken from Instagram yesterday. It is about a 74 year old teacher that definitely not seem to be heavily dedicated into E-learning. I would be surprised if this teacher is a “pro-E-learning-teacher” deep down. But; he does it. In his way. And he does it…extremely well.

It is actually very smart of him to use a doll for his lecture. The more secure he gets the more likely that he will do well. In average: the more comfortable we all get, the better we become.

You better notice that he even seem to do it so well that he gets honored by people on Instagram because of it.

But this doll does not only help him to do better education. By including it into his own lecture he also creates a brand of his own, difficult for the rest of us to copy (he could actually have excluded the doll from the lectures, not making it visible for his students. But he did not). And that, if anything, is a really smart thing during digital times.

This is good branding, and great marketing.

There are so many other possible teachers to watch and listen to in the digital space. Suddenly a teacher is competing with gazillion of other possible teachers (and, by the way: also with Netflixing, or whatever that is in your smartphone). So why go for a particular teacher, if they are like everyone else, and there are so many other fun things to do with your smartphone?

Or, why not go for this teacher, because he has Pinocchio on his side?

We got to admit. This is well played E-learning and the conclusion is obvious: At this moment you can get away with nearly anything, if you just do it with your heart. You can even be loved for it, if you do it with your heart. And I do really wonder: How often did students call teachers “cute” in the days before Corona?

E-learning does not always have to be more complicated than this. At least not at this moment in time. So, cheers to the ones that are interested in personal learning, and doing as good as they can, and do it in their own way!

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