The best courses are now on AirBnB

You are already in Stockholm and interested in learning new things. Maybe something related to Stockholm/Sweden, since there is where you are. You also have a night or two un-booked. Then how about learning more about climate change and the so called “Greta-effect”? If you are interested: you would not be alone. So, why not?

Sitting alone in a room you have booked via AirBnB in Stockholm could sometimes be dull. Learning new things can on the other hand sometimes be fun.

But sorry to say: I can not find the “night in the honor of Greta” on AirBnB anymore (or what it was called). It was a “course” where you had dinner together and got to learn more about Sweden and climate change issues. Or, it actually was a so called “Experience”, the term AirBnB is using for events like this. They have lot of events on their site nowadays.

I hope this course did do well, as well as was good and interesting (I´m a little bit sad that I missed taking it myself when I did stumble on it at AirBnB a month ago or so). At least, I think it was a great idea to create it, name it like that, and do it as a dinner just like that. Advertising it on AirBnB was hopefully also a rather smart idea. Imagine if they got students?

There are a lot of people interested in Climate Change issues, and the Greta-phenomenon, at this moment (she became “Person of the year” by Time recently). So, why not? There are already a lot of courses existing on climate change, so why not this one? There are also a lot of people already using AirBnB. So, why not?

I don´t think it does matter that I do not think that Greta herself was behind it. The ones giving the course never said that she was. And doing it in “the honor of her”, why not?

But then maybe try this course instead. It is a Swedish cooking class, made by Swedes, in their own home. Maybe they can help you to learn how to make real cinnamon buns. It is open for enrollment at this moment.

Who said that education just have to be given by actors we traditionally tend to call “educators”?

Who said that big digital companies, that are already having huge amounts of traffic, not also can become educators, but “backwards” so to speak? It has happened many time before in history that companies that is doing something “else” gradually also have entered into the business for education.

So, why not?


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