How education will look ones we have a Corona-vaccine

Future is about what “will” happen, not about how we might feel about what “should” happen. At this moment we are still in the Corona-times, though parts of the globe have started to open up a bit. What is then reasonable to imagine will happen when there is a Corona-vaccine, or when it is gone?

It is, like always, reasonable to assume that the educational industry will change in different ways depending on where we are geographically on the globe, as well as on what level of education we analyze. A 10-year-old child have different reasons for going to school, than a 30-year-old businessman/woman taking a professional course. Then, if you are a 20-year-old university-student, yet another reason appears.

To a 10-year-old child it can be devastating not be able to go to a physical classroom. At that age, education is not only about education. So, it is reasonable to assume that on that level the globe is handling the Corona-issue in a way that does not necessarily apply for a university-student, nor a business person (even though, if you think of it; it actually could, and partly actually also does). A solution is, for instance, small communities of families and friends. Local community-drive kinder-garten-solutions. It might not be like a “school”, but on the other hand; why not? Home-schooling is not new to the globe, and there are a lot of great parents that can help their own children, and the neighbor-children, out. And what else is there to do if the school is closed?

Small local Facebook-groups seem to have become livelier than before at this very moment – a sign of what I just said?

What new kind of business will that lead to later on?

To a 30-year-old businessman/woman a different solution might appear at this moment. One of the possible ones is for instance; not taking any education at all. Skipping it. Taking a course later in time. That is, at least, what lot of companies seem to do at this moment.

In the long run that is, of course, not the smartest thing to do for a company. In order to survive companies constantly need to learn new things. But on the other hand: if the company is losing all its money, education is not always on the priority list. When a ship is about to go under you concentrate on saving the ship, not on long-term strategy.

Corporate education seems to have rather hard times at this moment – a sign of what I just said?

What new kind of business will that lead to later on?

This does not happen everywhere in industry, of course. Some companies that do good at this moment, or even great, also them do exist, might leverage at this moment. And even increase their efforts on developing their employees.

Good companies are getting better at this moment. Bad companies are getting worse. Or, if you like: lucky companies are given more luck, and unlucky ones even more unlucky.

Industry dived. As always during times of crises.

What new kind of business will that lead to later on?

But then, imagine instead if you are one of these “gig-economy-workers”, or just “self-employed”, not employed at a big corporation, what is then a possible solution? Taking a MOOC and use the opportunity of not having a customer at this moment, and upgrade yourself a bit, of course.

This, also, seem to be a rather common solution at this moment: A lot of self-employed people now suddenly have realized that the world of MOOCs actually exists – a sign of all this?

What new kind of business will that lead to later on? MOOCs have really good times at this moment. Zoom, and Teams etc might be growing because of all home-working. How do you think MOOCs do?

This will have an impact on how the educational industry will continue to evolve, later on. An interesting effect is for instance this one: Now, suddenly, a lot of parents on the globe can tell their own children that just was about to head for a university-education, not to do it. Because now, they for themselves, have stumbled on a different solution than the one they themselves ones took. And these parents, for a rather long time, have definitely been one of the conservative actors defending the old, existing, university system (“you dear son should go to university X because that is what I ones did”).

Are these self-employed parents a strong force? Well, at certain places on the globe there are actually far more self-employed people than one might assume. For instance, in USA about as many as 30 % of the work-force is said to be self-employed. Programmers, Consultants, whatever. It is the kind of people many assume to be asked for in the future. Knowledge-workers. Well, not all of them. We have handicraft-men and others here to. But a decent amount of them are knowledge-workers (and by the way; handicraft people will also be needed).

We easily forget but industry in well-developed economies are not only related to big, old, industry, employing thousands of people. Industry does not look as it ones did (this is also because of technology, by the way).

So yes, these kinds of parents are rather important. Not the least, they are important if we want to understand how their own children will think about choosing to take a classical campus-based university-education later on.

These kinds of parents are often rather highly educated themselves. And children that think about taking a university degree have a tendency of having rather highly educated parents. So, these parents, in particular, are unusually important to universities, compared to non-university-educated parents.

What is then happening to the university-student that is already enrolled at a Master education at this very moment?

Well, if we think about the kind of student that still take a university education – we already can see that some have postponed it, others cannot now afford it – what is reasonable to imagine that person to experience at this moment?

It is reasonable to assume that this particular student is given education that, in average, is far more digital compared to before Corona. Maybe not all of it is digital, some campuses have opened up again, or maybe it is, but at least; a lot of it is.

That student can experience three different kinds of digital education at this moment: 1. An education the student finds terrible. Of course, there is lot of really bad digital education at this moment 2. Digital education that is perceived as fairly ok. 3. Digital education that the student finds unexpectedly good.

How much is of each category? Well, who am I to know? But, is it not reasonable to assume that there is more of category 1 than category 3? We have to remember; it was a whole world that just recently changed. When any kind of radical change is made in a short period of time, lot of things does not become that good.

What does that mean in total? Same thing as in industry; things get divided.

So, at this moment we have some students that have become unusually pro digital education, while others have become unusually anti digital education. And then, some do not even care of course, but just go with the flow – what “is”, is just what “is”, to them.

People that are satisfied with something often wants more of it. People that are dis-satisfied with something often wants less of it.

Badly digitalized education will not get students in the long run. Good digitalized education will. Great digitalized education will get even more.

Then what have all teachers done during this shut-down-period? Developed these digital courses. Some have made great stuff, some average stuff, and some bad stuff – of course. How else could these courses be like how they are?

Teachers that have made great stuff, get great feedback. Teachers that have made bad stuff, get bad feedback.

Is it then likely that anyone of us could be able to convince these great teachers, and these very satisfied students, in specific, to go back to physical education, ones the Corona-time is over? Well, we might try. But I would be really surprised if they would accept it. Would that student? Would that teacher?

Can we then force them to go back to how things ones were, when Corona is over? Well, we might try. But I would be really surprised if they would accept it.

Both of them, could, if needed, go for another place with their interests instead. That specific teacher could go working for another university, one that also might do very well on the digital landscape at this moment. And the student, could instead go to such kind of university. And maybe, now, even that students self-employed parent would agree it to be a great solution.

What I am trying to say is actually this: Corona have forced the whole world of education several years into the future, just over night. But it is not likely that education will go back to how things ones were, even when we have a Corona-vaccine, or; if the virus finally will be gone by itself. Education will just not go back to square one.

And realizing that, is very important. Because; it matter when you decide how to act tomorrow.

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