Stop muting

It is Zoom. Or Skype, Teams, FaceTime, Lifesize, Google Classroom, Hangouts, Facebook Live, Cisco Webex, whatever. The list becomes longer and longer and longer. And you are already there. We all are. But…contrary to what most people suggest; you should not mute when you are. At least if you want to run great things live.

Matt Mullenweg is an interesting person, known for instance for WordPress. One of the biggest web-services on the globe. The tool that actually is used for this site.

But the main reason why Mullenweg is interesting is that they don´t have a headquarter. Actually no offices at all.

Still, they are way more than 1000 people. All of them work from back home, or where ever, and have been doing so from the start.

They have employees coming from more than 100 countries.

One might claim that Mullenweg and his colleagues are unusually well qualified for helping us to learn how to use digital tools, like for instance these video-conferencing systems.

Try this pod with him and get lot of small, but great, advice’s, useful when running digital education:

Matt Mullenweg on “The Making sense-podcast”

In this pod Mullenweg give, for instance, very good arguments for why you should not ask participants to mute their voice when using these services named here. It is an advice totally against what we all hear at this moment.

But he does have a big point.


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