are there industries that are just as unique as all others? Sometimes good questions just are. Disruptive education. Still not?

How to think, how to act, next.

Is it really happening?

Didn’t Christensen himself do it? Who happened?

-> Subscribe it. Why wouldn´t just we? Succeeding hits more.

Pieces become puzzles become patterns become answers. Why? The sky is always under the surface.

Large opportunities, big threats.

Can we remember the order?

-> Disruptive Education: Far better, and far more, for far less. Handbooking. And not only for single educators. Searching for ways? Just imagine. Achieving exactly just this?

Here it is.

-> Listen: Signals of change. Not if, how. Globalized, not only digitalized. Shall we care, or not? If so, how?

Will you and I care?

-> Play it, well. Music. It suddenly did. Here. Benchmarks. How to totally miss when right from the hip? How to act unusually smart?

-> Stop! Nobody Move. New role’s on the landscape. Finding it. Getting there.

When; will we get there?

Impact from Digital Transformation, Coursera. Can we cope with the rabbit? End up mastering a tool. Your Australia too.

Users of patterns will know what to do.

Finding cheese is more interesting.

Nowadays digitalisation is forcing industry after industry after industry to fundamentally change. Disrupting that is. Education is all inclusive. But there are patterns. Here.

Chew on them. Evaluate them. Try them.

Try me.

– ! –