Lets find your hole in the wall

People sometimes claim that they know learning. They don´t. No-one actually do. But how to make great E-learning, if we don’t even understand “normal” learning? Well, we know some things. But the big mystery of learning is still unsolved. Here is an example on why this is a constructive, even useful, way to see it.

There is a point in seeing learning, as well as E-learning, in this way: It helps out if you do not want to get stuck on “how things should be done”.

If you enjoy thinking in this way, this clip is for you. The conclusion is: If we just set the right things in the hands of people, they are able to learn far more by themselves than one might assume. Just enjoy it. At the same time: Could it not be of use?

Is it a coincidence that some of the big things we learn in life, like knowing how to talk, walk, and socialize, is something we manage to learn without teachers being involved?

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