An interesting unspoken of idea

Who is the biggest, and who is the smallest? Actually, an interesting question at this moment in time. The idea of size has a tendency of changing a bit, if we start think globally. It even has a tendency of changing what strategies that might be successful. So, which one would you invest in for the future?

Does anyone actually know how big the global education industry actually is?

We’re talking about 7,500 billion USD, 75 million employees

Only in the university part of this business.

There is over 25,000 universities around the globe ­– a bit mind-blowing number. Each of them, on average, has perhaps a turnover of 300 million US dollars, 3,000 employees. We then end up with these numbers.

Whether something is big or small depends on what we compare it with

Nobody knows exactly how big this industry really is on the planet; but it is much, bigger than just the universities – global size of professional education; not possible to figure out at all, undergraduates, K12…neither included.

Indira Gandhi National Open University, among the biggest universities in the world, 4 million students. Deep Springs, among the smallest, 30 students.

But nowadays the MOOCS are far bigger than that. We are talking about millions and millions, and millions.

So which one would you bet on for the future?

It is pretty often said that big is beautiful. But such kind of idea is based on another idea: That big will remain the way things are.

Personally…I think Deep Spring could be a seriously interesting thing to check out. How are they doing? What is their strategy? Why are they located at such unusual place?

And why on earth do they not seem to care that much about the so called…internet…that the rest of the globe speak so much about at this moment in time?

Have they missed something, or just…plain smart?

Could they even have far better chances to survive when this market becomes truly global, and digital, than quite a lot of other universities being around at this moment?

Who said that one movement does not give options for a countermovement?

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