I´m Henrik Blomgren (follow me for instance here at LinkedIn). I have been active in this field during several decades. If you are looking for a different perspective on me than what you find on this page check out my 6 random fact about me or 7 things about me you did not know but I am telling you anyway.

I am a business person with a PhD in marketing, a MSc in Engineering, and a deep interest in how new digital technology reshape businesses of all kind.

But I am also an educator. I am involved in a mix of Executive Training and university education on Master- and PhD-level. During the years I have also been part of creating startups in the field of digital education, also advice people on it. I’m an Assistant Professor at the department for Management at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

Over the years I have done education on all different levels, used many different forms and technologies, and in many different countries. I have had many different roles within this industry. Everything from a CEO within it to an analyzer of it and a global project leader trying to change it. I am also active on different digital platforms, like EdX, Coursera etc.

I believe you will find this Coursera-course particularly useful, called “Impact from Digital Transformation”. It may help you figure out how to cope in the educational industry, the way it evolves due to digital power. Also; check out my YouTube-channel.

So, I do not only research and analyze this “industry”, I am heavily involved in it.

I started working with “E-learning” already during the early days of the internet. It did not, at that time, change the Ed-industry as fundamentally as we thought it would. But I seriously think that now could be the right time (the blockers we had back then are now gone). It will still take some time, but finally I believe that it will.

Share and use this content if you like, but nice if you refer to it. I practice the Fair use doctrine concerning copyright-material. You can reach me via HenbloATkth.se or for instance here at LinkedIn. Actually; you find me all over the digital space, just search.

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