Why did they give me table 13?

Hi there!

I´m Henrik Blomgren. I have been interested in digitalization and all its consequences for a long time, see “What?”.

If you are looking for a different perspective on me than you find on this page check out my 7 things about me you did not know but I am telling you anyway or 6 random fact about me.

I have tried nearly all roles existing in this industry. Been a manager/prefekt of an academic institution. CEO of a professional educational company. An analyst, consultant, policy marker, global project leader as well as a coach, advisor, investor and founder of Edtech-startups. I have also developed new pedagogical tools.

But I am also a long-timer educator. I am involved in a mix of Executive Training and university education on PhD- and Master-level, check out this Coursera-course: “Impact from Digital Transformation”. So far, I have managed to do education in at least 17 countries, IRL. Digitally, I believe participants from 102 countries have enrolled in courses given.

Well, all that is quite a lot, in some sense, pretty valuable experiences. But it´s actually nothing compared to the really big digital educational rock-stars there is on the planet nowadays. Try for instance PewDiePie lecturing on “Platos philosophy” as a contrast – that, is a seriously big, digital, global, educational rock-star.

In academic terms; my interest is management, marketing, digital transformation and disruption of industries, Disruptive Education included. I’m an Assistant Professor at the department for Management at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. Check out my YouTube-channel and books I have published at Amazon.

Feel free to share and use the content on this site if you find it useful, but nice if you refer to it. I practice the Fair use doctrine. Contact me here or for instance at LinkedIn.

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