Old enough not to have been born with the internet in my pocket – aquired other experiences during the road. Young enough in order to be curious about the future – even involved into creating it.

Henrik Blomgren. Have been pickled in digitalization and its practical consequences in real life for a pretty long time, see Footprints.

Why table 13?

For a different perspective on me than you find here; check out my 7 things about me you did not know but I am telling you anyway or…6 random fact about me.

Have tried nearly all roles existing in the ed industry. Manager/prefekt of an academic institution. CEO of a professional educational company. Analyst, consultant, policy marker, global project leader, coach, advisor, investor and founder of Edtech-startups. Developed new pedagogical tools.

Also a long-timer educator. Involved in a mix of business-related Executive Training and university education on PhD- and Master-level. So far, education in about 17 different countries, IRL. Digitally; participants from 102 countries have enrolled.

In academic terms; management, marketing, digital transformation and disruption of industries, Disruptive Education included. Assistant Professor in Management at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden – has a strong track-record when it comes to startups and other cool digital things. Correct; I happen like the idea about Spotify even existing today – how could you take that for granted?

Feel free to share and use the content on this site, but nice if you refer to it. I practice the Fair use doctrine. Contact me here or for instance at LinkedIn.

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