Who´s behind

I am Henrik Blomgren. I have stumbled on this field of interest during several decades now. On one hand I am a business person with a PhD in marketing and deep interest in how new technology reshape business. On the other hand I am also a kind of teacher. For instance I work with Executive Training in the field of business and digital change. I am also an Associate Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. However I have done teaching on all different levels, used many different forms and technologies, and done it in many different countries over the years. I have done, and do, research in this field.

Over the years I have also occupied different positions in the business system for education, for instance I have been head of an academic institution on university level, CEO of a commercial training company, head of program development at an NGO called The Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) and an international management consultant utilizing new learning methods. I have even been a full-time student union leader once, responsible for a kinder-garden, as well as a politician in the field of education. During that road I have participated in huge amount of projects with the intent to manage, develop, deliver as well as analyzing education. I deeply feel that learning, when at best, can be a powerful tool. That is why I always been interested in education “as industry”.

Since several years I am also active on the arena of pure commercial education. That is probably one important explanation to why I am also involved in startups in this field. I started utilising the idea of “E-learning” already during the early days of the internet. Did not, at that time, change the Ed-industry as fundamentally as we thought it would. But I seriously think that now, finally, is the right time to make it happen.

I host this blog (that actually is somewhat of my personal mental notebook of whats cooking in the field as well as phenomenon that get my interest) in order to spread knowledge gained to actors being interested, no matter if you are an executive trainer, a public primary school, a venture capitalist, a university, a student, a dean, a teacher, a parent, a government, an NGO, an employer, or a start-up or a business developer in this field. I have a strong believe that the business landscape for Education now, finally, is changing in a radical way and that it is affecting al these actors.

Once in a while you will also see my collegue Martin Vendel contributing to this blog. Martin holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. He has long industrial experience within strategy, marketing, product management, business development and HRM/talent management. He has held a number of executive positions within the telecom and process industries. He is part time active as affiliated researcher at the Division of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, at INDEK KTH, as well as CASL at Stockholm School of Economics. He also works as advisor to a number of start-ups, VC and consultancy firms.

Martin and I have a tendency of thinking in a similar way. Guess that is why we enjoy working togehter in this field. However it means it might be difficult, even for ourselved, knowing who did think what. That in itself is a good reason mentioning Martin here eventhough most of the posts are beeing produced with the help of my keyboard.

You are free to share and use the content, but it is nice if you refer to it. Contacting me directly in order to feedback is also of big interest. Use for instance HenbloATkth.se.