IRL, Henrik Blomgren? Chat, book a meeting, bring your cricket bat, consult, meet like-minded. By the way is a ZoomDrop-In. Every Monday: 12.00-13.00 CET. ID: Six, Nine, Nine (numbers), add…0711 6263.

Just whatever fun if you join.

Have been for a pretty long time now. Executive Training for managers. University. Practitioners, PhD, Master. In parallell business; startups, big corp.


For a different perspective than here; 7 things about me you did not know but I am telling you anyway. Try; 6 random fact about me.

Management, Marketing, Digital Transformation, Disruption of industries.

Associate Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

Startups, tech, education: nice places to be.

So far, education done in about 17 different countries. Physically. Digitally; 102 countries enrolled, like here. I try to live by a message.

Have had other roles in the ed industry. Almost all. Manager of an academic institution. CEO of a professional educational company. Analyst, consultant, business developer, salesman of education. Coach, investor and founder of Edtech-startups. Developed pedagogical tools, still do.

Correct. Happen to like the mere idea of Spotify even existing. Why do we take things for granted?

Also Medium, Quora.

Don’t stop at StopNobodyMove.

Also possible at But mailboxes are crowded. My Zoom-Drop-In. Is there a better idea?

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