6 Random Facts About Me

Hip surgery, twice. Who’s legs are not artificial? Works great. Science; Hat off.

A pretty fast typer. An old type-writer as young. Typing can be a distance course. Nerdy then, useful today. Allergy is like a reason. Thanks for ‘bad genes’.

Work early spring-balance is what?

Part-time is not Stockholm. A small island in the middle of Sweden can that. Few houses. Skip cars. A view. High speed broadband. Why is not the globe everywhere? If not Canary Island, an airport, instead. Travelling; seriously yes! Twist the brain in a global way; there.

Volleyboll, close to pros. Dogs. Cats. Can never ever have got that from me. And my wife also has; four children/grown ups, and a husband. Amazing this thing. Hold on tight to the next generation. Lost in the future is just nothing to be.

Ones was a record. Twice was a pop-band. For others; three is a break. Was it perhaps a theater-group, a philosophy club, or an early atempt for a business, instead? Those were the days.

Newsroom. Great can be watched more than three times. About how life could be, not how it is. One TV-serie is better than everything else. This one. For thinking; send Sorkin a fling. Don Quijote should not be missed. There is always an answer.

— ! —