6 Random Facts About Me

I’m a fast typer. Was born heavily allergic. Sat indoor as a young boy, when everyone else did sports outdoor. I got an old fashioned, non-digital, type-writer and a distance course on typing for secretaries. Really nerdy, then, useful skills today. Thanks for “bad genes”.

Working life: early spring.

17 year old I made a record with my pop-band. I guess we never got the big break because of the boa constrictor we used on the stage, as an instrument. We were more like a theater-group.

I have done hip surgery, twice. Parts of my two legs are more or less artificial. But works great. Thanks science.

Part-time I don´t live in Stockholm but on a small island in the middle of Sweden – few houses, no cars. I am lucky: a view, high speed broadband, and the globe everywhere. If I don’t work from Canary Island, or an airport, that is – other places I love (I do really love travelling and have also been to quite a lot of unusual places on the globe).

Me and my wife have four children/grown ups. They play volleyball on semi-pro level and have lot of dogs and cats. But they never ever in life can have got that from me. It´s amazing how life sometimes turn out. Adorable, lovely, people.

Newsroom is the only TV-serie I have seen more than three (!) times. I am seriously envy on Aaron Sorkin who made it. It´s about how life could be, not how it is. I have a fling for that way of thinking. The thing is; with the help of new technology, and thinking just a little bit differently…life can actually look far better than it already does.

— ! —