7 Things You Did not To Know About Me But I’m Telling You Anyway

Hard blue color work at dads factory was a beginning. Started 14 year old. A need to speak in practical words. Probably why my footprints are full of stories and metaphors.

But I really got hooked on stories when I ones ran a cinema. Cinema Paradiso; best movie ever. People going to movies are often so nice and happy.

Stumbled on the university-world. Master in Engineering. But to be honest; did not like it that much. To much of an underdog…or not motivated? Became professional at socializing and running the student union instead. Learning is so much bigger than just “education”.

However…I graduated. Even took a PhD…but in Management. During the road I stumbled upon an unusually interesting professor. Any method that achieved learning was a good method according him. Made the whole difference. I simply got stuck.

But I left and did practical business instead, for a pretty long time. Helped my brother develop a really nice, pretty big, company. Did startups and other non-academic stuff. Became head of projects at The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. Worked for a management consultancy firm. At the latter we did big-scale learning-events, globally. Target groups; tens of thousands at the same time. Life before the internet. Seriously interesting experiences.

Learning-events in big-scale that we did, long before the internet, could look something like this.

Leaving academia, at that point in time, was a good decision. Just as good as it is, today, to be back, but still keep a foot in industry. Thinking and acting; just two sides of the same coin.

I stumbled on Theodore Levitt early: “there is nothing as practical as a good theory”. And when Stephen Toulmin published Return to reason I just loved it. But I am pretty satisfied myself with the title “Stop! Nobody Move“. The thing is; we need to stop and figure out what digital power is doing to/with/for us, before we start acting again. If we just give it a short minute of our own thinking time…today we actually can do far better, far more, and for far less.

— ! —