How to get 3 million people to follow your 50 minutes of Philosophy

“Traffic is King, but Content is King Kong” is a great saying. However, assume you already have traffic then decided to fix your content “backwards”. Could that actually work? Well, this guy show that it defintely can. Hold your hat now if you are a professor in Philosophy. He already has 103 million students enrolled.

Felix Kjellberg, known online as PewDiePie, is a Swedish YouTuber. For a fairly long time now he has been competing with T-series from India about having the biggest You-Tube-channel on the globe. Correct; we are now talking about unusually big amounts of followers. More than 100 million people follow him on-line.

Now, one might assume that PewDie-Pie only does “fun stuff” online. Yes, it is correct that he ones started of by playing video-games  – though, that is actually way back. But, then I suggest you to take a look on this video that he released in April 2019. It is 50 minutes of him reviewing Platos book “The Republic”.

Who said that videos like this could not be great e-learning?


I also suggest you read some of the comments this video has got on YouTube. A decent amount of people actually find this video to be great. It did help them to learn something about old Greek Philosophy. There are more than 30 000 comments on it at this moment. How many online-courses on philosophy has got that at this moment?

Could this tell us something interesting about the future of e-learning? Or, that we actually already seem to be there? What topic would you then like Felix to head for next?


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